Daily Payouts

We reward our partners generously for their time and effort.

We offer a generous compensation scheme that includes marketing allowance, commissions and rebates to reward our partners for the time, effort and commitment they put into their business.

  • $50 marketing allowance for every $500 net deposit achieved.
  • Earn 6% on the deposits from your clients — net of principal withdrawals.
  • Reap the benefits of $6/lot rebates on every one of your client-trades.
  • Become a payment agent, and earn processing fees from your customers.
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10 reasons to partner with VFM

With our experience and dedication to the industry, VFM Brokers has built a business that serves clients in more than 50 countries.

  • Personal Account Manager
  • Multilayer IB Network
  • Weekly Payouts
  • Realtime Reporting
  • No Setup Fees
  • Detailed Statistics
  • No Limits on Commissions
  • 24×7 Support
  • Prompt Payments
  • Professional Landing Page
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Our partners value our reliability and trustworthiness.

You can become a successful VFM partner in 3 simple steps

Joining the VFM partner family will boost your chances of becoming a successful business by surrounding yourself with people who are eager to help you succeed.

1 Share your
referral link
2 Share your
referral link
3 Start profiting from
your client-trades
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