we fund your Forex Losses

Forex Losses can be devastating. Here is your perfect chance to recover the losses using our credit line. We will offer you up to 75% credit line of your realized losses or floating draw-down.

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How it Works

Draw-down credit line is a special type of credit offered by VFM Brokers to help traders and investors with floating or realized losses recover from the losses.

Proof of DrawDown

To qualify for the credit line, you need to share with us a statement from your previous broker or investor password as proof of floating or realized losses.

Deposit Requirement

VFM Brokers will fund your floating or realized losses up to 75%. You will be required to deposit at least 25% margin of your floating or realized losses.


If you have a floating drawdown with another broker, you will need to close all your trades and the floating loss will be provided as credit at VFM Brokers.


Clients can withdraw any profits made in their trading account plus the initial deposit. The credit line cannot be withdrawn or be depleted.

credit cancellation

The credit line will be cancelled when the client decides to withdraw the initial deposit or the client abuses the credit line by malpractices.

Our Clients are Happy

"I like the draw-down credit line by VFM Brokers because it helped me to recover the losses I had made with my previous broker. Since I moved to this broker, my experience has been amazing. I highly recommend. "
Janet Yaro
"I knew about the draw-down credit line through a friend and in the beginning I was skeptical so I started with a small deposit. After trying it for a few weeks and making withdrawals I decided to fully migrate to this broker. Great experience."
Ahmed Mohamed

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